Thursday, 2 September 2010

Jerome's first trading day - the joys of ipod shuffle

Jerome has set up a "test" account at our brokers where he can trade in tiny size while we sort out the day-to-day mechanics of trade recognition, execution, follow up, etc. So today, at 6:45 a.m, he placed the first four trades he had identified and set about trading the entire day in line with our chosen methodology. By the time we stop at 9:00pm, we have learnt an incredible amount. Generally Jerome was able to identify the trades and execute them - maybe just two cases where things didn't go exactly to plan, which is not bad for day one.

All day we had an instant messenger programme running so Jerome could ask questions as the day progressed, and tell me what trades he had done. This could be what we do most days. Meanwhile I tidied the study, which, as the dissertation work progressed, has become increasingly chaotic.

For the duration of the day we both have our ipods on shuffle and chat about what each of us has heard during the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this way of listening. Several songs I didn't know, some I knew well and haven't heard for years, some I was tempted to jump over. Highlight for me - a track I'd never heard before by someone called Daniel Lentz from a CD called "On the Leopard Alter".


Anonymous said...

I don't know who Jerome is, but congrats
anyway I found your blog by researching Richard Long land art
and found your post years ago about it. Just thought you'd like to know...
Did you ever go about making land art yourself? just wondering
loved what you wrote his work

Jonathan said...

I loved the Richard Long show in London. The closest I got to doing any Land Art myself was taking a series of identical photos of landscapes every hour over the course of a day, which show the changing light. Something I will come back to I think.