Thursday, 30 September 2010

Emma is back from Africa

An early morning drive to Heathrow to meet Emma - back from Africa after more than four weeks away. Her trip has gone very well it seems. I was less sure about this trip than the Asian trip she went on previously, but it seems I was entirely wrong. This was a much-more touristy trip, with very little contact with the local population. It was mainly spent away from the cities and was dominated by viewing animals, camping and long drives.

Highlights including viewings of all the major animals that people want to see, plus a swing over the Victoria Falls - something that Emma is vowing never to do again.

Emma spent most of the rest of the day sorting out her 1,400 photos - we have a show in the afternoon and I am very impressed by it all.

For the next few weeks Emma's main priority is sorting out accomodation for herself and her three friends prior to starting work in November. I have a slight worry that this will prove harder toi do than Emma and her friends imagine - but we'll see how it all goes

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