Sunday, 12 September 2010

Plans for our "naughty" weekend away

In a few weeks time we have a short and we hope rather naughty break planned in Wales. Much planning is going into this and we are hoping to have quite an experience! Among the many plans we have is that we are going to play a role playing game of "model-photographer" with Linda choosing some racy outfits and me (hopefully) producing some very naughty photos

As part of this plan, we are both looking separately at an adult toys website where we will both be buying something for the trip. The item that has most caught my attention is something called a "force orgasm tower" to which one may attach one's slave, position one's favorite vibrator in the "handy holder", switch it on and leave your slave to "enjoy themselves". Apparently, the item breaks down into a convenient form for transport, but at £332m it is a touch pricey I thought. I do rather like the idea of this though. I wonder how Linda would react!

There is a rather racy photo on the website of a young lady apparently enjoying this apparatus. I briefly copied it here but have now decided it is too racy

Another choice, and somewhat similar is the "Doggy-style sex-machine". I was rather struck by the rather attractive young lady who is demonstrating this on the website. I wonder if she was a regular model hired for the session and was then presented with this? This kit is £550 however.

Finally, and far more in my price range is a remote controlled vibrator. I rather like the idea of going down to dinner one evening with Linda dressed up but alway wearing this. Of the three items reviewed so far, this is defintely the most likely choice!

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