Thursday, 23 September 2010

Two documentaries

In the past couple of days I have finally got round to wathcing two documentaries that I saved from Sky Arts. First up, American Grindhouse, a documentary about various sub-genres of exploitation movies. This featured some quite incredible clips of various movies, virtually all of which I hadn't heard of, of course - grindhouse not really being a UK phenomena

Surprisingly perhaps, I was able to find loads of AG films available to download - classics such as Blood Feast, Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS, Psych-out (with Jack Nicholson), various biker movies and women prison movies, including the classics The Big Bird cage and The Big Doll House. Finally, the extremely odd Beach Party from 1963

If nothing else, as one interviewee says, they certainly had some great movie posters

My second documentary was Warhol's Factory. For the past few days I have been reading Nat Finkelstein and David Dalton's Edie Factory Girl which I acquired from the £2 remainder shop in Oxford last weekend. It is years since I read Victor Bokris's excellent biography of Andy Warhol and first came across Edie Sedgewick - apparently she was once considered for the Nico role in the Velvet Underground!

I was also able to find Warhol's Vinyl for download. I'm pretty sure there was a recent movie about Edie Sedgewick, I just can't remember what it was.
Addendum - turns out the recent film is called Factory Girl with Sienna Miller in the lead role

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