Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What I did on the last day of June

2:00 - woken by loud "drum 'n bass" music.  Could this be our new neighbours?  Surely not.

4:30 - awake properly, my usual time at the moment.  Went for an early morning walk to Chimney meadows.  Vegetation too long to see much.  No deer, hares, foxes, herons . . .  One or two swans, one or two fishermen.

10:00 - read papers, worked on clearing garage

12:00 - Watched British Grand Prix - exploding tyres

15:00 - Watched Tour de France, stage 2.  Reading Extreme Stars by James Kaler (an astronomy text book)

16:30 - more work on clearing garage

19:00 - dinner, watched "Quartet" (surprisingly good we thought)

Not really a day of great interest then!

Catch up - Daughter's return from Africa

Daughter did indeed decide to return from Tanzania two weeks earlier than originally planned and she has made good use of the time since she got back.

Some good news - she got into the College that she wanted.  A few days ago we went into Oxford for the University open day and had a very quick look round her college and then up to the accommodation blocks.  She seems very pleased - and rightly so.

And she has done a good number of things with her friends in London, so the two weeks that she would have still been in Africa have flown by.

She and I have decided to go to France for a long weekend in a week or so's time - the first time she will have seen the house since December.  I have a lot to sort out with our project manager and Daughter just fancies a change of scenery and some nice french food.  I'm quite looking forward to that trip.