Monday, 29 May 2017

The "Wild Coast" near Royan

We have recently struck up a friendship with an English couple who have been over in France looking for a place to buy and retire to.  They have been staying at the gite near us owned by our neighbours, Paul and Simone.  We have taken it upon ourselves to take them to a couple of our favourite places.  One was the "wild coast" just along from Royan towards Oleron.

One a beautiful, bright sunny day, it is quite a picture.

The newly re-painted lighthouse

Linda and Mary paddling in the Atlantic with Harry the Bassett hound (who is, remarkably, only a puppie - he looks and behaves like a really old dog)

Red Squirrel in our French Garden

The local squirrels here in South-west France are all red - no greys here!  I have seen one or two when I have been out cycling (indeed I have nearly run over one or two on my bike, which would be an interesting addition to my list of animals hit, to go with the hare I hit a few years ago)

So it is with some delight that we were able to watch a red squirrel in our garden today.  It stayed for maybe 45 minutes and had a good root round in a number of places including the bird feeders.

Very nice to see.