Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Frosty in France

A beautiful clear sky last night.  Around midnight it was fantastic star gazing conditions.  In this part of France there is very little industry (it is mostly farming) and so virtually no pollution, either particulate or light, so the skies are really clear.  Looking south from our terrace, Orion was glorious as always, while Jupiter was just rising in the south-east.  Beautiful.

So overnight the temperature fell to -4, the coldest I have experienced down here for some time.  The rain water that had collected on the tarpaulins that cover the outdoor furniture had frozen into glass sheets.  Oscar the donkey looked rather forlorn as he surveyed his frosty field.

Yet by lunchtime it was 18 degrees as the sun burned through.

What it is to experience a slightly different climate to the UK!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Last night's movie watching

I have been away from home for a couple of weeks now and am rather missing Wife, though we try and talk most days.

Last night's movie was a slightly odd Canadian adult comedy called My Awkward Sexual Adventure from 2012, in which an uptight accountant enlists an exotic dancer to instruct him in the world of sexual adventure so he can win back his previous girlfriend who left him because of his sexual ineptitude - a possibly funny plot.

Actually I rather enjoyed it.  I suspect much of that was due to me wishing wife was here with me.  She would look great in either the Alice-dress worn by the previous girlfriend or in the bondage scenes.

Cute outfit - the girlfriend back from a night at a costume party

The exotic dancer seeks to teach the accountant to be more dominant - my Wife would look good in this situation!

Time to start posting again - current music likes

I haven't posted for ages - no good reason.  So it is time to get back into a routine - a few posts per week at least.

I am in France at the moment, working on our new house.  Not much time for music listening but I did hear a Mary-Ann Hobbs show the other day with a stupendous piece of music by E.S.T. called Elevation of Love.  I have listened to that a dozen times in the last few days.  It is actually a track from years ago (the early 2000s?).  I shall have to investigate this more.  I did discover that the pianist is dead though - a scuba diving accident some years ago.  Shame

Also listening to the collected works of Nouvelle Vague - bossa-nova-styled cover versions of punk and post-punk songs.  I am particularly taken by two Youtube videos of them playing their versions of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle and the rather-saucy Depeche Mode song, Master and Servant.  Not sure if the lead singer is the same in each case (they do change singers often).

Master and Servant - very slinky look

  Bizarre love triangle