Sunday, 7 December 2014

Time to start posting again - current music likes

I haven't posted for ages - no good reason.  So it is time to get back into a routine - a few posts per week at least.

I am in France at the moment, working on our new house.  Not much time for music listening but I did hear a Mary-Ann Hobbs show the other day with a stupendous piece of music by E.S.T. called Elevation of Love.  I have listened to that a dozen times in the last few days.  It is actually a track from years ago (the early 2000s?).  I shall have to investigate this more.  I did discover that the pianist is dead though - a scuba diving accident some years ago.  Shame

Also listening to the collected works of Nouvelle Vague - bossa-nova-styled cover versions of punk and post-punk songs.  I am particularly taken by two Youtube videos of them playing their versions of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle and the rather-saucy Depeche Mode song, Master and Servant.  Not sure if the lead singer is the same in each case (they do change singers often).

Master and Servant - very slinky look

  Bizarre love triangle

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