Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What I did on the last day of June

2:00 - woken by loud "drum 'n bass" music.  Could this be our new neighbours?  Surely not.

4:30 - awake properly, my usual time at the moment.  Went for an early morning walk to Chimney meadows.  Vegetation too long to see much.  No deer, hares, foxes, herons . . .  One or two swans, one or two fishermen.

10:00 - read papers, worked on clearing garage

12:00 - Watched British Grand Prix - exploding tyres

15:00 - Watched Tour de France, stage 2.  Reading Extreme Stars by James Kaler (an astronomy text book)

16:30 - more work on clearing garage

19:00 - dinner, watched "Quartet" (surprisingly good we thought)

Not really a day of great interest then!

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