Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Not a student any more!

I am sort-of officially not a student anymore.

One last check through my dissertation first thing this morning, then a careful print out of two copies and a version in Word format. Around 8:00 I am off to London to deliver it. In chill out mood now it is finished and so reading Posy Simmond's Tamara Drewe on the coach up. This is coming out as a film in a week or so and is being heavily advertised. Stars the lovely Gemma Arterton in the lead role it seems.

Gemma Arterton as Tamara Drewe

I was at LSE around 11:00 having gone shopping at Camisa's Deli in Soho on the way down. Strange to think that I have been shopping at this deli since 1981.
Then, with no further ado, it is time to drop everything off with Tom in the Philosophy Department office and by 11:30, that is it. Technically I am a student still until the results come out in December. But it feels like that is it
Haircut at the LSE barbers, then a walk to the National Gallery to see the show about fake paintings. There is a rather stunning Japanese girl walking round the exhibition ahead of me. I was reminded of a book I read years ago called something like All the Girls. It was a "travel" book in which the author travelled the world bedding girls in each country he visited. I remember thinking once that this would be a trip worth doing - and an interesting cultural experience too! Would any nationality be really hard - maybe Innuit?

But I am actually keen to get home and catch up with Jerome about our planned approach to starting trading. We have two practice days this week and then go live on Monday (though in small size). This remains a tremendously exciting thing to be starting. So I am home around 5:00 and we have a chat for an hour or so. Then I set to work on next version of the trading schedules.
Recurring computer problems over the past few weeks have been put off as I finished my dissertation (written on a different computer). Tonight I may have fixed the main problem by deleting my existing anti-virus software and loading a different one. Fingers crossed.
A "celebratory" meal tonight of M&S chicken tikka masala which I don't enjoy

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