Friday, 10 September 2010

First full week of trading with Jerome

Even though I had done quite a lot of practice trading, this has been a huge learning experience for us both. Indeed I am quite shocked about the huge number of issues we have come across and which we have made numerous little changes to our routines. I had thought we were in good shape a week ago, but so much needs to be addressed - much of it the sort of thing you only discover when you actually start

Jerome is coming up for the day tomorrow and we have a huge list of points to address - 26 at the current count. One or two are now perhaps academic, and one or two are not high priorities, but most of the other issues are urgent. Most importantly, we are simplifying some of what we do. I tend to be a constant tweaker and I really have to stoo doing this. So I have vowed that whatever the systems that we agree precisely on this weekend, that I wont make any changes to them in the the next two weeks. Some of the changes I made this week were poorly thought out and resulted in loses we needn't have made. So it is back to basics - the raw system that I've had in place since June. No bells and whistles, just the raw result

So one thing I am rather thankful for is that we started small. We haven't made a profit this week, indeed we have a medium sized loss. Nothing out of the ordinary but at least half the loss reflected the failure to stick to the raw systems. So hopefully we will simplify things this week and get going properly next week

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