Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Winona Ryder - back in the news

For the first time in ages, Winona Ryder is back in the news - at least to the extent of reading the top of Yahoo's trending list. These have been sparse times for us card-carrying members of the Winona Ryder fan club. In fact, apart from the recent Star Trek role, I haven't seen a film with her in since Alien's Resurrection.

As good an excuse as any to look for pictures of Winona

Apparently a very recent picture of her - she is now nearly in her forties. Can it really be nearly 25 years since Heathers first brought her to my attention?

Looking very fit and healthy!

One of my favorite Winona pictures - very sexy in my view

I have this t-shirt, bought when Winona was on trial - on the rare occasion I still wear it, it still gets comments!

Perhaps my favorite Winona picture - the cover of a US magazine years ago

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