Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Our first really good trading day

After a week or so in which we have generally lost small amounts of money, we have finally had a decent winning day. All three markets made lots and we have eliminated half the small loss we had incurred.

Having said that the systems were now frozen for the next couple of weeks, I have been working on one or two other ideas and one of these was rolled out today (and did really well, making about half the day's profits). The new innovation is another counter-trend system, but one that trades less than the current systems, makes a very high percentages of winning trades (>75%), but has the occasional big losing trade (when a really strong trend gets underway). It seems to blend well with the other systems as well. So that was rolled out this morning and we are both pretty happy with how to trade it.

It was actually me trading for most of the day. This should have meant that I had a quiet morning so I'd be reasonably fresh to take on the trading shift from 2:30 to 9:00. But inevitably I ended up working on stuff in the morning.

So Jerome collected his kids in the afternoon from school and then took them to Ikea in search of one of those chairs that you kneel on and which are really good for your back. He then proceeded to lose one of his children in Ikea and when he eventually found him, he had managed to lose the other's coat. Nonetheless, even after this trauma, he was willing to take over the last hour of trading as I started to wilt.

And some other good news - the final block of initial capital has been arranged and should arrive this week. Then I can open the proper accounting books and we can start to build the trading size. I do have to do some thinking about where the un-margined cash is held though. At present we are trading about one-fifth of full size as we hammer out the day's routines, etc. I would like to be full-sized in perhaps a month's time. Then a day like today will make over £2000 and an average week maybe twice that.

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