Monday, 6 September 2010

Week one of trading starts here

It is Labor Day in the USA and markets will be quiet. After much thought, I had reached the conclusion that this could be quite good for us. Maybe markets would gently ebb and flow all day enabling us to take 10 or 15 points all day long.

Sadly it was not like that at all. Markets were deathly quiet, staying in tightly bound ranges all day (often as low as five points for hours on end). When they did move, it was a sharp spike move up-down or down-up, which again doesn't suit us. So not a good day. The one bright spot is that our slippage for the 47 trades we did was negligible. Maybe 2.5 points in total. If this is representative of the real figures, then things will be better than we thought by some way. Indeed, the actual result could be 35% better than I expect - now that would be something.

So it is not all doom and gloom on day one of our trading adventure

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