Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Triathlon training - two new personal bests

Much to my surprise, progress is being made on my triathlon training, despite it being about 9 months till my planned first race.  Last Friday, the pool was out of order due to some technical prpblem with the alarms - the pool has alarms?  So it is time to face the challenge of running for only the second time since this mad idea first came along.  Yet I was able to run 5km.  True it did take 33 minutes and there were occasions when I had to slow down for a bit of a breather, but nonetheless, 5km is half the Olympic triathlon running distance.

And then on Sunday I was able to swim 80 lenghts of the pool.  Moreover, I felt pretty good at the end of it too and could probably have pushed on for the elusive prize of 100 lengths.

So two new distance PBs in the last few days

Addendum:  The Sunday swim was followed by swims of 60 lenghts two days in a row.  So 200 lenghts in 3 days.  Quite remarkable.

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