Sunday, 14 October 2012

Furniture projects 3 and 4

Project 3 is a large chest of drawers that I have purchased new from a local junk yard.

As bought, but with the top drawers out for painting

The first step is to paint the inside of the drawers, for which I use "Primer Red"

The shell of the book case is then painted grey

At this stage, I had decided to paint some of the front of the drawers in the same red as the interior

But then changed my mind and thought a white might look nice over the red

Which I decided it didn't

Even after a coat of clear wax

The frame was distressed with dark wax

And I finally decided to paint the front trim in white rather than the red / white as above

So this is the final version

Versus this, which is a shot from Annie Sloan's book: Quick and Easy Piant Transformations

Project 4 is a 1920s china cabinet that had been up in the loft of the garage for many years.  I think it originally belonged to my great-grandfather.

The interior was painted grey

And some cloth trim was attached to the back and bottom of the interior.  New, wooden shelves were put in, painted the same grey as the rest of the interior.

And finally the outside was painted Charcoal grey and lightly distressed after waxing

I'm very pleased with this piece indeed

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