Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Computer Crash!!!

An ominous message appears on the dreaded blue screen.  Apparently a hard disk crash is imminent and I need to back up everything before it happens and then, basically, buy a new hard disk.  I was about two-thirds of the way through the back up when the disk gave out.  Of the things I may have lost, the main one, now I think about it, is the collection of photos from the past four or five years.  I had thought most of these were backed up, but it seems not.

So the PC has been shipped to a guy in Oxford who works from him home and which is the traditional geek house containing dozens of PCs and computer kit, plus some books on philosophy.  He has a very refined voice and could almost be an Oxford don, but probably isn't.

Anyway, he will see what he can recover.

This is actually my first ever hard disk crash from what is perhaps the twentieth PC I have used.  Is that a good average? 

Addendum: Computer guy has managed to recover well over 90% of the hard drive, though it took nearly a week.  I have a new hard disk in the old PC with the data included on this.  So my photos have been saved!  Now all I need to do is reinstall all the programes that I have accumulated and need going forward.  I expect this to take a few days.

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