Tuesday, 23 October 2012

More furniture buying . . . .

So I have been visiting various junk yards, antique centres and my mother's garage, and have acquired several new pieces to work on.

First up, a marble-topped wash stand - £55 from a local junk yard.  Not sure what colour to do this - the current favourite is a grey with an Antoinette pink underneath.

Next, a small oak table - £45 from an antique centre and currently unpainted.  Maybe another grey item, or perhaps a blue with a white wash over the top so the grain shows through.

Then a kitchen shelf unit - £45 from the same antique centre.  This should just about fit in a space in the kitchen in France. 

The oak table, marble-topped washstand and the kitchen shelf unit

 And a shelf / coat hanger - £55.  This has already been painted in some sort of chalk paint and might only need a thin white overlay and some new waxing.

The shelf / hanger sitting on top of the other new stuff - already quite a nice colour

I had also bought a French mirror that I planned to paint in a two-toned grey.  However, I forgot to take a "before" photo of that and mirrors are really quick to paint, so this piece is already finished!

I have also finished a small mirror that I brought home from mum's the other week.  What was dark wood is now a rather attractive grey/white/dark varnish mix.

The original mirror on the left.  Next to it is a smaller mirror with a cupboard underneath.  This doesn't need any work other than a clean up as it has really nice inlay in the wood. 

The mirror post-painting

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