Monday, 15 October 2012

Pete Hook's book on Joy Division

I have been reading, and very-much enjoying, Peter Hook's book on Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures.  This is his second book, the follow up to his book on the Hacienda, which I also enjoyed a great deal. 

I remember we thought about going to see the Buzzcocks on tour in late 1979 and they were supported by Joy Division on that tour, but somehow we decided against it.  The closest I came to seeing them live.  But I remember quite vividly hearing about the death of Ian Curtis - it was just before my end-of-year exams in the lower sixth and I was staying up late most nights revising and heard the news on Peel.

By that time, myself and a few friends had heard the album Unknown Pleasures and views were very mixed.  I was a huge fan of the track, New dawn fades, but found some of the other songs a bit odd, especially given Ian Curtis's vocal style, which I was not really a big fan of.  But within a few months, Joy Division's Atmosphere would be voted number one in Peel's festive 50 and the canonisation of Ian Curtis would be well underway.  For much of my time at university, I wore a donkey jacket or great coat - very much the post-Joy Division look!

I have been listening to the complete works of Joy Division for the past few days.  My favourite track has always been Dead Souls.  I bought the book of that title once, but didn't read it!

I wonder if Pete Hook will write a book about New Order next - especially now they are back together without him!

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