Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A crazy triathlon plan?

I have been going to the gym several times a week for the past few weeks - physiotherapy for my knee and for general health reasons.  Daughter has been reading books on ultra running, and the bizarre thought has occured to me that I should aim to do an Olympic length triathlon some time next year, perhaps after my birthday in June.  It seems a good idea that my first ever triathlon should be undertaken when I am 50.

So I have acquired a book on triathlon training subtitled "20 weeks to success in 5 hours a week".  My version will be "45 weeks to success in 10 hours a week". 

So far, I have been mainly swimming at the gym.  Rather surprisingly, I am now up to 50 lengths in one go - a marked contrast to a few weeks ago when I was struggling to do 20.  But that still leaves running untouched and that will be the main issue I think.  I do have some rather snazzy, adidas team GB running shoes that I acquired just after the Olympics.  The family has decreed that I must never be seen in these trainers anywhere other than the gym.

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