Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dead Can Dance in Concert

Off to London for the one UK show by Dead Can Dance on the current world tour.  I have possibly lost count of the times I have seen DCD, but this makes it just 3 in the last 16 years, maybe 35 in the 10 or 12 years before!  I had thought that the 2005 tour was definitely going to be it, and am really surprised that there has been the new album and the 7 month tour to promote it. 

I have heard some shows from the tour already, downloaded from various ROIO websites, and was really looking forward to hearing Kiko especially.

I have seen a few shows at the Royal Albert Hall and I have to admit it is not my favourite venue from the point of view of sound quality - there are often boomy noises off the side and end walls.  Support was one of the DCD percussionists playing some pieces on a Han steel drum.  Not bad, and the sound was pretty good where I was

And so to DCD.  Basically the same tour set as the shows I've heard but with some slightly more aggressive singing from Lisa.  Kiko was as good as I had hoped and, perhaps surprisingly, I thought Brendan's version of Song to the Siren was the other highlight. 

After 28 years of enjoying their music, this was as good as any of the other shows I've seen - I have long ceased to be particularly objective about them!

Lisa looking typically Goddess like in her black velvet dress and gold cloak

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Hi Jonathan
I replied to one of your 2009 blogs about DCD. Maybe you missed it because of it's age. Anyway, I also saw DCD at the Victoria palace all those years ago, and then several times at the Loughborough Hotel. in fact pretty much all of those very early gigs. I taped them all. My mate videoed the Bedford gig in July 84.

I'd love to swap old war stories with you. Please drop me a line.