Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Furniture project number 5

Project 5 is another china cabinet, looking rather the worse for wear after its many years in the loft.  I have no idea what the strange white stuff is that coats one end, but it seems to come off reasonably easily. 

The overall plan is broadly the same as Project 4.  The inside is painted grey and is then lined with the remaining material I have left from that other project.  New wooden shelves have been carefully cut and painted.

Finally the outside is painted charcoal grey and this time is not distressed afterwards.

Below is the "before" illustration from the Annie Sloan book that I am using as the basis for these projects - roughly the same sort of thing as I worked on
And below is her "after" picture.  She has a nicer pattern on the front than my china cabinet, and she has kept the glass rather than use wooden shelves.  But overall, my version is pretty similar

At the moment, I am planning that this might go in the main lounge in France and have wine glasses in it.  I thought it might be nice to acquire some old wine bottles - say Bordeaux, 1980s vintage.  But ebay just has one seller and they are selling 1,000 vintage bottles as one collection.  I emailed him and asked if I could buy a dozen, but he is not keen to split the collection.  He does have some rather nice wine boxes for sale at £10 each and I might buy some of them, for storage in the garage perhaps.

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