Thursday, 26 May 2011

Final preparations for Italy, and an incredibly painful leg

Off to London to meet Emma for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant she likes near Green park. On the way I manage to not see a step and have badly torn my left calf muscle. I am reduced to a slow and painful hobble.

We talk Emma's work progress and her summer accommodation ideas (now she is definitely moving out of her current place), just general stuff. The meal is very nice but we are still forced to find a Ben and Jerry's at a cinema for dessert

We are now into the last prep for the Italy trip - some work to finish, a decision needed on what projects to work on next. As usual, I have data sets to finish and these will covere the period from Feb 22nd and should lead to being able to calculate various important stats such as detailed drawdown numbers, plus things like position sizing issues. I am itching to raise the current 1/3 position sizing to 2/6 in June (a very big day), then 3/9 by end of July if things go well.

And one final issue - what to take with me to read in Italy. At the moment I have Peter Mathiesson's Nine Headed Dragon River, Genius - a very short introduction, the Giles Deleuze volume in the series, Routledge Critical Thinkers, Gierach's Trout Bum, the last year's issues of Philosophy Now and The Philosopher's Magazine; Hibberts The French Revolution, several financial e-books (pdf files) and so on. I will probably be able to read about a third of what I have taken.

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