Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A self-created Yoga Detox

Once again I have lapsed in my attempts to regularly go to the gym. But what I have been doing is a sort of Yoga-based detox. I have stopped drinking coke and stopped buying a daily chocolate bar and have stopped buying the occasional cake from Millets. Instead, I am drinking lots of water, eating more fruit, etc.

Though I can do my own yoga routines, I have been watching old episodes from the yoga-today website. At one time, you could download and keep their daily episode, but I think it is a pay-site now. I have mostly been watching Neesha episodes, feeling that I out to get back in touch with my inner hippie. I had forgotten just how much fun she is as a yoga teacher. She reminds me a bit of Linda's pilates client, Helen.

So far I have done about five, one-hour yoga sessions, based mainly on holding poses for extended periods of time in deep stretches. Not very energetic, but already having an effect on me. And my food detox has certainly left me feeling less bloated during the day.

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