Sunday, 1 May 2011

101 "Favourite" tracks - 61-70

61. Low, Do you Know how to Waltz?

Alternates: Especially Me (from the new CD), Pissing,

62. Mamas and the Papas, Look through my Window

Alternates: California Dreaming

63. Mogwai, Two rights don't make a wrong


64. Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze, Careful with that AKS, Pete, Part 6


65. Pete Namlook, Mirage

Alternates, Asbendos

66. Joanna Newsom, Emily


67. Nico, The Falconer


68. Laura Nyro, Christmas and the beads of Sweat

Alternates: Map to the Treasure, Up on the roof

69. Sinead O'Connor, Ghosts


70. Mike Oldfield, Argiers

Alternates: Ommadawn Part 1

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