Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Two hours at the allotment - the first decent session for ages

Last year was a "fallow" year for the allotment - too busy with my MSc in the spring. Last autumn I received a letter from the committee suggesting that I should do something with it this year else it would be taken away from me and given to some poor family so they could grow food for their table - I suspect most allotmenteers are actually middle class these days?

One or two tidying sessions before today's big session. Ralph is assisting me and is, of course, hugely competent compared to me. He elects to use a sythe rather than a strimmer and clears about 5 times as much as I can do.

We are rained on briefly but this doesn't deter us. In two hours, most of the site is clear - or at least the weeds are two or three inches high rather than waist deep. Next task is to cover some of the mulched areas with black plastic for the year. And one area will be treated with roundup and hopefully should be usuable by June. And I have to think what is going in the polytunnel - maybe peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Must get organised

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