Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pictures I've saved recently but not used before

Over time, as one does, various pictures are saved to one's PC. Some are intended as illustrating possible future entries, some, perhaps are not. The following 11 pictures are some of those currently pending in some sense

Yeoman Rand from the original series of Star Trek - quite an impact on me as a teenager

Hippy chick, Mountain Girl, by Kesey's bus, Further. Hoping to read Ken Babbs' book On the Bus while on holiday

Not sure who this is, but she has lovely eyes - and the thighs are pretty great too

Lucy, from Twin Peaks - one of the eccentric female characters I always like

John Martin's painting, Sodom and Gomorrah

A photo from the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake

Janine Turner, from my favourite tv show, Northern Exposure. Did I read somewhere that she is now a Tea Party person, fronting an organisation related to the US Constitution.

Imogen Thomas (left) - rather nice looking I reckon

Elizabeth Sladen, Sarah Jane from Doctor Who. Also a major influence on me as a teenager and who sadly died recently

Renee o'Connor and Lucy Lawless, stars of Xena, Warrior Princess, from the film, Bitch Slap. Were their characters in Xena gay? Renee's nun is certainly very expressive in the tiny scene they are in. I must watch the musical Xena episode again - Season 3, episode 12 I believe

The oddly named, Ariel Tweto, from the reality tv show about Alaskan pilots that I have been watching recently - cool hat!

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