Monday, 23 May 2011

Another huge step forward in our trading programme

An idea has been brewing for some time, > month

One term remained undefined, which seemed to stop the proposed system

The rush to get reserach finished before our holiday - and leave J with constructive things ton assess -

the flash of insight on the way to colelct our weekly indian takeaway, from trying to quantify a particular distribution, a definition of a term drops out.

Then, when trying to apply this in practice with some examples, a new, improved definition comes out

Then, on typing up the research, a final definition - from which the thrust of the research programme gets completeness

takes 6 hours to process 4 days under the new definitions

Gradually speeds up - but how to discuss with J. Some case studies, May 16th

Two hours on sunday morning - gives him some hints

Sunday - late pm - can a equivalent methodology be found for the other market we principally trade? One hour later - the answer is a resounding, yes

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