Sunday, 5 December 2010

Marci in "Californication"

One tv show I have recently returned to after some while is Californication. I rather liked series one of this but Linda thought it was really silly (the two episodes we watched together) and so it rather fell by the wayside. But I have kept up my occasional viewing and have recently watched quite a few. One character I have grown rather fond of is Marci, the long-suffering wife of David Duchovney's manager. She has had some great scene over the years, but I also think she is actually rather a sad character. And when I looked up the actress who plays her, it turns out she used to voice Billy in King of the Hill - which was rather a surprise.

The very-sexy Marci in typical pose

Of course I also rather liked Danica in series one - funny how my secretaries were never like her.

Danica about to be punished for some secretarial misdemenour

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