Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas 2010

A stranger run up to Christmas this year, in particular, Emma was working right up to the evening of Thursday. So we didn't have the leisurely run up that we are used to. Instead Linda took a couple of weeks off before Chrsitmas and we had her parents to stay for six nights.

Also, for the first time ever, we had the family to us on Boxing Day - so much more food planning than normal. Some highlights:

Jerome came to see us on Boxing Day accompanied by his dog and stayed overnight. We had time to do some work and he provide a nice contrast with the various family members

Emma decided to get Linda and me more presents than previous years as she is now a workinjg girl - so I get the new Bardo Pond cd and four really nice books - Wolin's The Wind in the East (about Maoism in sixties France), Pettegree's The Book in the Renaissance, Eco's The Infinitiy of Lists and Morris's Why the West rules - for now.

Some really nice food - Linda's Christmas Day meal, her beef bourgignon for Boxing Day and my two tagines

Playing board games - Emma wins Cluedo. But no opportunity to play Grateful Dead Monopoly

And the Christmas Doctor Who - not enough of Amy Pond in her policewoman's outfit, but a thought provoking story idea nonetheless.

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