Monday, 6 December 2010

Trying to win 10 times in a row

Having thought about the questions posed by trying to win ten times in a row, I have reached the conclusion that the best strategy is to use some form of very short term breakout system. From what I remember from the peak periods of system testing that I have done in the past, these systems have a very high chance of producing at least a small favourable excursion.

So armed with a number of such systems attached to various markets (Euro and sterling versus the US dollar, the DAX and crude oil), I strung together my 10-in-a-row from the first 11 trades I put on, in the space of 5 hours. A couple of stressful moments, but all ok.

The prize is £100,000 shared between the winners. So how many other winners are there? I have tried to think of a way to estimate this but the range of answers I get is too wide - anything from 5 to 500. I would be quite annoyed if it was 500. £200 each for all my thought and effort. If I am the sole winner, I might be tempted to buy my Ferrari for £40k.

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