Saturday, 4 December 2010

Jane Fonda blog

There is a long article in one of the weekend papers about Jane Fonda. Now in her early seventies, she is apparently still producing exercise videos, among many other things. Indeed she said she is really just producing videos for her original 1980s audience, who are getting old with her. She has a regular blog as well and I have been reading some of the entries. I am quite a fan of Jane Fonda. Of course my earliest encounter is seeing Barbarella last one night on tv when I was about 16. Now that had a definite impact! But Cat Ballou is also one of my favourite films as well. I think she would definitely be someone worth knowing more about.

And it gives me a good excuse to look up some of my favourite photos of her

My favourite outfit from Barbarella - the tail is great

A very popular pictures from the 1970s I seem to remember

She really did have gorgeous legs (and probably still does for all I know)

Perhaps it is time to see the film again - what a classic!

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