Sunday, 5 December 2010

Two of the sexiest pictures I have ever seen

Sorting through the garage in my latest clearout, I came across a box of various press cuttings that I'd kept, including the following two pictures which I had kept as they were two of the sexiest pictures I had seen. The first is the front cover of a magazine I saw on a newstand in New York. I have always been a huge fan of asian girls and the girl on the cover is as beautiful as any I have seen. I have had a look for the movie, Blue Dreams, on the internet but have failed to find it, so I have no idea how she gets into this predicament.

The second picture is also a magazine cover that I bought in a newsagents in Leytonstone in the early 1980s. The girl certainly has a very 1980s hairstyle! I have always been a big fan of french maids and this is about as good a picture as any. The magazine itself was pretty odd, and did feature the girl in other outfits, but overall, it wasn't my sort of thing.

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