Monday, 27 December 2010

The strange case of Suzanne Divers

A strange legal case has just completed in which a 26 year old woman has been sentenced to 3 years for coercing a 14 year old boy into having sex with her. There has been much comment on whether the offence is the same as when a 26 year old man coerces a 14 year old girl. The law seems to have said that it is - I am not so sure.

I have to say - when I was 14, if a 26 year old woman wearing shiny white hot pants, boots and fishnet stockings had wanted to have sex with me, there would have been no coercion involved! And I believe that is probably true of most 14 year old boys - it is therefore simply bad luck that she seems to have picked on one of the tiny minority of boys who are the exception to this rule!

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