Monday, 8 November 2010

Emma's first day of work (and mine)

So Emma enters the "real world" today with her first day of work. For the first two weeks she is going to be in her office doing various training exercises. She rang me from the Starbucks on the corner to tell me she had arrived in plenty of time and was looking forward to her day

I remember my first week at Ernst and Whinney. I was sent to Nottingham for my induction course with just a few people from the London office - Jeremy Owens and Debbie Thomas, spring to mind. The detail of the week escapes me, though we did play some sort of business game at the start of each session, based around setting the price of gas, and quite a lot of drinking went on. What I remember most is the social aspect.

I really fancied Debbie Thomas and had thought this week had layed a good foundation for us going out together. We played squash together one afternoon - she looked great in a short skirt and trainers! We had drinks together in my room. And, perhaps most memorably, we played a practical joke on Jeremy that involved Debbie and I getting up at 4:00 to knock on his door and tell him the first session was just about to start. Sure enough, he dressed in a panic and rushed downstairs.

But Debbie turned out to be something of a party animal, out virtually every night with friends. We did manage one date when we went to see Diva at the cinema. Soon after she started going out with a friend of Jeremy's from Cambridge (a bit of a prat I thought). Then she failed her first year exams and quit E&W. Wonder what ever happend to her?

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