Saturday, 13 November 2010

Emma's Case Study

Emma started work this week. We got the feeling that perhaps Monday had been a little overwhelming with the many things she has to learn. She got her laptop and blackberry, plus her business cards. Just awaiting her Amex card.

Later in the week she and her other three newbies have been given a little case study to look at. Emma sent me a copy a day or so ago and I have been working through it. For me it is pretty easy - the standard case study set for business people, full of tricks and gaps in data - indeed a little unfair for someone like Emma compared to the two MBA students who joined on the same day as she did and who will, one would think, find this sort of thing pretty straightforward.

Emma sent me her first version and she had not started well in my view. I made a few comments about how to approach this. Then on Friday I received a few emails in which Emma seemed very confused about how best to go about the project. So much to our surprise, she has decided to come home for the weekend and I will give her a hand with it. She needs to have a presentation ready for Friday and that will be pretty easy. I feel a little concerned. On the one hand I want Emma to do well on her first job, but I also think she needs to really put alot of effort in herself. Perhaps she has done and is just on a steep learning curve. But its the fact that two of her fellow newbies have MBAs that has caused me to want to help her. I don't want her first project to not go well.

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