Saturday, 13 November 2010


Working through "B" on itunes this morning I reach Bongwater, one of my all time favourite bands yet one that I feel seriously under-achieved. A truly great album was surely in them. Yet, unusually, it was their last album - their fifth - that was their best. The Big Sell Out is perhaps the ultimate postmodernist record, and the culmination of what they had been building up to - the strange take on modern celebrity, the odd narrative sections that Magnusson reads. Perhaps Celebrity Compass is the finest track. I can't believe it was 1992 that this came out - extraordinary stuff.

The back of the CD prominently features Ann Magnusson's breasts, but in an ironic, postmodernist way - so that's ok then

The penultimate cd - highlights include Great Radio, Nick Cave Dolls and Connie

I saw Bongwater just once in concert - somewhere in Camden, the Electric Ballroom perhaps. They included a cover version of In the Court of the Crimson King from what I remember

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