Saturday, 10 January 2015

Some photos I've downloaded but not used on other posts

Some photos I have saved as I've been trundling round the internet

Watching From Russia with Love over Christmas I was struck by how gorgeous Daniella Bianchi was.  It is years since I last saw the film - what a star she is!  And she is still very nice now.

Next up, Julia Kendall - still my favourite interior designer on DIY SOS.  Nothing like a girl posing with power tools!

We saw Gone Girl before Christmas, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  Wife had read the book and so knew the story, while I had no idea, and as usual in these cases, had no idea what was going to happen.  Rosamund Pike has become a firm favourite over the past couple of years.

I was rather taken with the two pictures of Nigella Lawson, the left hand one as it reminds me of a Whistler painting, the right hand one as she has little make up on - her natural beauty shines through.

And finally, the lovely Winona Ryder, who I have greatly admired for 25 years or so - not seen her in many films though.  Apparently there were some private photos of her leaked on the internet.  I am too much of a gentleman to see if I could find them.  Years ago, Wife bought me a signed photo of Winona - no idea where that is now.

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