Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How things can change quickly - part 1

The other day our neighbours emailed to ask us if we were still planning to put our house on the rental market next year and if we were, they had some friends who might like to rent it from us.

We met them a few days later and they like the house and would like to go ahead and rent it.  The upside is that they would like to start at Easter, which is perfect for us, and they'd like it to be for two years - which is probably longer than we would have planned, but does extend well past the sale of our current refurbishment project and should take us into the next one.

The main downside is that they can't pay the amount we would have liked - but as we are planning to manage the let ourselves, we do save agency fees and so the lower amount is not too bad - and in any case, we had assumed that we would have found someone to rent the house by June, and so the higher rent only comes in during 2017.

So we have all the formalities still to do, but fingers crossed, this means we will move out at the end of March and focus on our French property for the rest of the year.

In less than five days, our world has changed completely

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