Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How things can change quickly - part 2

Our brother and sister in law's best friends have a son who is best friends with their son.  This time last year, he had a one night stand that led to the birth of a boy in October.  He choose not to tell his parents about it, so they had the shock of becoming Grandparents overnight.

He seemed to have coped ok with the baby's arrival.  But then, on New Year's Eve, he was at a party, set off home at 4:00 or so, and failed to turn up.  It is now day 5 since he went missing and there are no clues whatsoever as to what has happened.

There are a few possible things that could have happened, but no real way to tell at the moment.  It has now made the national newspapers - maybe that will produce some leads.

So while we have some good news this week, others have their world turned upside down.  Very sad.


Around the time I was writing this, Brad's body was found in a flooded ditch just off the route he would have been walking home.  No foul prey is suspected.

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