Thursday, 8 January 2015

My library has finally reappeared in France

Last July, when we thought we were moving out of our current house and spending more time in France, most of my books were boxed up and either went to our other house in the UK for storage, or were brought down to France.  As a result, I have been unable to lay my hands on more or less any book I've suddenly thought I'd like to have a look at - intensely frustrating for a bibliophile such as myself.

But finally I have two large bookcases in situ in the office in France and I could unpack a dozen or so boxes of books.  With some editing, this will keep me well set up for reading for some time.

My main concern is that holiday guests in the summer might "borrow" some of them - should I plan to move them all out then, and then put them back in September?

Ah, the joy of books!!

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