Sunday, 25 November 2012

Back home


I travelled back to the UK on the very late ferry from Caen to Portmouth.  Though I have had a really good time in France, I was actually very keen to get back to the UK so that Wife and I could have a detailed look at things.

So after a quick trip out to Oxford for breakfast and some shopping, we are soon back home and have loads of video and photos to look at - especially the grenier plans to review.

But I hadn't told Wife about my plans to re-decorate one of the bedrooms, so that was quite a surprise.  Thankfully, she is very pleased with the new look.  As indeed am I - the before and after photos still look very dramatic to me


and after


Some searching on ebay has revealed one or two sellers of the sorts of doors that could be suitable for the French property.  Indeed, there is one seller who has some that are virtually the perfect size for the space we have.  A bit of sorting out of the cost of couriers, and I have acquired the doors for just over £100.  They are due to arrive here on Wednesday.  They will need some work though as they are supposed to be glazed when I am planning to fit wooden panels instead.  But that could be quite a nice woodwork task.

I have also worked through the website one last time and have sent my last changes through to our designer.  Hopefully he will process these first thing on Monday and we can go live later that day.

Finally, I have begun to schedule all the work necessary this week in respect of the house.  As always, there is quite a lot to do.

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