Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Daughter is back from India . . .

After nearly three months away, Daughter has returned.  From her desert home in Jodhpur, where the day's temperature has never been less that mid-twenties, she is back in England where there has been a heavy frost this morning - all this adds to the culture shock of returning.

She had had a wonderful time of course.  Mostly she has been working for a micro-finance company, mainly making a short film where they interviewed people who have used the bank's finance.  But I am greatly impressed at the lengths she went to to immerse herself as completely as possible in the local culture, rather than try to cling to the few other westerners in the area. 

If all goes according to plan in obtaining visas for Vietnam this week, Daughter and I will be travelling to France next weekend for a few days at the new house.  And hopefully a good catch up on everything.  Then she is off to the far east in January for another three months.

Daughter with her host mum and host sister

Adopted by a school trip - more people wanting photos of Daughter

Daughter and her host family about to celebrate Diwali

Daughter attracting a large crowd when she became tangled up in a festival

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