Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Triathlon Training Update

For the past two weeks I have been working on building stamina by doing more and more swimming.  This has gone surprisingly well.  Back at the end of August I was struggling to manage 20 lengths of the local pool.  Yet last week I did six days in a row and swam four lots of 60 lengths and 2 lots of 80 lenghts for a week's total of 400 lengths.  That's about 5 miles swum!

This week I have focused a little more on speed and yesterday broke my personal best for 60 lengths by over 5 minutes.  This was extremely tiring though.

So well on track.  I am away in France for most of the next two weeks but am taking my gym kit so I can either go jogging on the country roads near the house or can go to the rather swanky pool complex in St Jean.  When I get back, I am planning to move to a combination of swimming and running. 

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