Friday, 9 November 2012

Wife away - me planning my trip to France

Wife is away in London for three days on a training course and I am sorting out everything for my trip to France in a few days time.  This has consisted so far of the following.

I have transferred a large amount of euros to the Notaire and a smaller amount to my euro account at BNP in France.  All the money is apparently with the Notaire now ready to pay the vendors.

I have emailed lots of people about various proposed meetings.  I am seeing the insurance company on Tuesday to execute our policy, and also have a meeting at the bank that afternoon.  At neither of those meetings does it seem that I will be accompanied by anyone, which is a bit daunting.  Sadly my plan to learn a bit of French over the last couple of months hasn't really happened.

I have a huge pile of stuff on the lounge floor downstairs ready to pack in the car.  A computer, several duvets and some duvet covers, boxes of various papers, books, DIY stuff, etc.  I have an entire workbench that I want to take, about a dozen pictures (half of which I will probably bring back), maybe one or two items of furniture, a small stone statue of some cats . . . .

Some things I plan to do after the completion.  Visit the brocante markets in La Rochelle and in a small village near St Jean on the first Saturday and Sunday.   Do some kitchen equipment buying at the local Leclerc.  Buy some French power tools . . . . .

Hopefully I will be able to meet our proposed builder for a couple of hours at the start of the second week.  I have been reading the rather excellent book, How to Renovate a House in France, which rather says it all doesn't it.  I have a new set of ideas for the grenier conversion and am very keen to find out if these are even slightly feasible.

And finally, I have been discussing when the house website might go live.  I am targeting Monday November 26th at the moment.

The roof of the grenier.  I am hoping the vendors will have taken their junk from here by Thursday!

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