Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Current Furniture Projects

I have slightly slowed down over the last couple of weeks in purchasing bits for the French property as I am really keen to try some of the local Brocante stores in France - and, in any case, I need to do some detailed measurements of the property before commiting to anything big.

A few weeks ago, I painted a large chest of drawers that I bought from a local junk yard.  I have looked at the results of this time after time and have eventually decided that the white band I had left on the front of the drawers was too wide.  So one recent project has been to carefully mask a strip round the edge of the drawers and then paint a new coat of grey inside the mask, thus reducing the size of the white band.

The new version is much better and the chest of drawers can be seen in the middle of the picture below with its white band much better proportioned.

The picture below shows an unusual table that I also bought at the junk yard.  One of the legs had broken off it and it was only £10, but, as you can see, the leg is now sturdy enought to support the heavy books piled up on it.  This piece has had its legs painted in a grey colour, but the top has been left as it is.

This next piece was bought for £15 from the craft market in Oxford.  No "before" picture of this, just an "after" one.  It used to be a dark colour, heavily varnished.  Now it is "old white", with "Paris grey" trim on the legs and round the table top.

And no proper "after" picture of this table at the moment.  This had been partially restored with some of the varnish having been removed.  Now it is another grey-coloured piece and can be seen lying upside down on the top of one of the restored china cabinets on the top picture above.

And finally, a proper "before" and "after" set of pictures.  This is a dressing table from the small sitting room; a typical, modern pine piece in the rather garish orangey colour that such pieces often are.

It has now been painted in "antoinette pink" and then dark waxed, given it a sort of pinky-brown colour which is most effective.  In fact, this is probably my favourite piece of all the furniture projects so far.

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