Wednesday, 7 November 2012

French Project Update

This time next week, we will be one day away from completing our French property purchase.  Over ther past few weeks I have been mainly doing the following

1. Creation of a website

I am doing this in Wordpress using a template created by the web designer in France.  The site is virtually finished but is, of course, not live yet (as we haven't bought the house yet!)

2. Working through the listing process on property letting websites

There are 3 or 4 sites we plan to list on.  The process is quite straight forward but it will take a few hours to do each one I would think.  These are planned to go live in the week commencing November 26th

3.  How to get paid

We have set up business accounts at Paypal plus new accounts at my main bank to process the payments through.  I also have a whole stack of associated bookkeeping to do for this

4.  Working on the initial building work plans for this winter

Mainly the bathroom conversion downstairs and the initial, very-early planning for this time next year when we want to convert the loft into three more bedrooms.

5.  Creating lists of furniture requirements and things like linen, towels, etc

I have done a few purchases of such items as tests and have probably spent about 15% of the total budget so far.

6.  Furniture purchases and painting projects in the UK

These have continued to progress well and I am really enjoying doing something a bit more craft like

7.  French banking /  Utilities

How to pays the bills in France

So this should keep me busy for weeks, if not months to come!

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