Wednesday, 7 November 2012

King Crimson Boxset

I have hardly bought any CDs in the last year or so, but this I had to have; a 13 cd box set of recordings associated with King Crimson's Lark's Tongue in Aspic album.  The majority of recordings are live sets from the famous improvisational shows with Jamie Muir involved.  In fact, I may have read in the large amount of associated material that this set contains everything that this version of the band has recording in any form.

I still remember the excitement of hearing this record for the first time - maybe 1979 or 1980.  The first 5 minutes of LTIA Pt 1, the introduction to Exiles, Easy Money and the Talking Drum - stupendous stuff. 

I have emailed Dave in France to see if he's seen this.  Apparently he feels that the £96 price tag is a bit steep.  So far, I consider it excellent value from what I've heard.

Now, that's how a real rock band should look!  Nice saw, Jamie

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