Monday, 16 January 2012

Resolutions for 2012 - progress so far

I actually had quite a few resolutions for the new year. But how am I faring so far?

1. To fish "lots"

I have interpreted "lots" as meaning "greater than 50 times in the year". So far I have been 3 times and have walked various stretches I might fish this year. I would like to catch a large barbel from the Thames, several 5 lb chub, a decent river pike and, possibly, a 20lb carp.

2. To reduce significantly my intake of Coca Cola

I would say that in 2011 I drank at least 1 litre of Coke a day. So far in 2012, I have finished the last three 1/2 litre bottles we had at home and have had perhaps one actual coke in addition. I suspect my headaches in the first few days on 2012 were caffeine withdrawal symptoms.

3. To lose 14 lbs and go to the gym "lots"

"Lots" here meant twice a week on average. But over Christmas I had a cold and this has left me with a rather nasty chesty/tickly cough that I seem to be stuck with. So this is my excuse for not going to the gym so far this year at all! Also we had meant to buy a good set of scales before new year but didn't, so I don't know what I weighed then. In theory, not drinking so much coke should cut my calorie intact by 600 per day. I will re-start this resolution next week when I will definitely go to the gym.

4. To read 2 "very short introductions" per month

So far I am half way through The Reformation and intend to read Autism or Photography next. But most of my current reading is actually fishing related.

5. To learn how to use Photoshop Elements 10, take some great pictures and print them on my new A3 printer.

I have started on PS 10 and am making steady progress. I haven't taken any really good photos though.

6. To have a great year trading

Sadly, intra-day volatility has been dropping since mid November and is now about half what it was then. And we are not getting the swings up and down that we got back then either. The systems have adjusted to these current conditions but are not really making much money at the moment. We have to be patient through these tough conditions and wait for vol to pick up again.

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