Friday, 13 January 2012

Old fishing photos - fishing with daughter

The results of scanning in some old fishing photos from 1995 and 1996, when my daughter liked to come fishing on a Sunday with me. Not very likely to happen at the moment, she being a budding business woman in London in her early 20s. She is 6 or 7 in these pictures!
Daughter's first chub, 3-05 from the Cherwell at Throop.
A bigger chub later that same day, 3-15
Daughter's first barbel, 2-08 from the Windrush at Ducklington
And infront of the swim she caught it from. The river here is less than 12" deep, but just to the left is a slightly deeper hole. The barbel were usually resident under the far side undergrowth.

Daughter's biggest barbel, 6-05 from the Windrush.
Daughter chub fishing the Evenlode at Long Hanborough - a perfect "Crabtree" swim

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